Con Ustedes… Santiago Oriol

Fiction (Mockumentary)

2001 & 2007


TV series, hosted by Santiago Oriol.

“Episode 1: A Story in Black and White” (2001): Theo and Xoaquim are not ordinary people. Theirs is a story filled with incomprehension, rejection, and abuse. Betrayed at birth by a Mother Nature they do not feel they belong to, their path is a painful ordeal of isolation and anguish. But they continue forward with their struggle… a fight for their rights, to be recognized for who they feel they are and not for what they appear to be: it is the struggle of two black boys trapped in white skin.

“Episode 2: Hunting for Basajaun” (2007): In this unforgettable episode, Santiago Oriol, the intrepid field journalist, travels to the Basque provinces to investigate the mysterious phenomenon of the Basajaun, the abominable creature of the Basque forests.


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