Dead Bronco

False Hearted Lover’s Blues (2012) 

A True Grit band from the Basque Country - definitely a story worth telling. When we watched the submission In Hell, from Dead Bronco, we couldn’t believe our eyes or ears. That was quickly followed by another submission, False Hearted Lover’s Blues. It wasn’t just the great videos that we liked – but the music and the voice just knocked us out. A Basque band, with the purest sounding old stylee traditional American Country music you will find. Authentic through and through. Except this was Northern Spain, not the Southern States. [In] False Hearted Lover’s Blues, you can almost feel the dust in the air and the heat of the sun in this gritty, dirty, poverty-stricken film complete with decaying animal carcass."

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Lonesome Bedtime Blues (2013) live at Nanclares Penitentiary
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